Mississauga Muay Thai | Glory 14 update

The king is dead, long live the king!!!

A few month ago the undo-able took place with Andy Ristie defeating the Muay Thai kickboxing “Doctor” Giorgio Petrosyan!! Now this was epic in the Thai-boxing world as Pertosyan was a guy apparently so far ahead of the rest of the rest of the pack on a technical level.. but this is Muay Thai kickboxing and its about more than just technique..
none the less take a look at this link to learn more about the long time champ


 On what i’d have to call an “off day” lighting struck and Petrosyan lost to Ristie via tko.. now with Risite crowned the new king and man to beat the man in the division most muay thai / kickboxing fans had him as  favorite going in to the glory 14  match vs Davit Kiria.

Glory 14 Ristie vs Kiria fight breakdown

and it starts off nice until Kiria proves again conditioning, power and heart play a big factor in muay thai by scooping himself up off the mat in the match to put a decisive end to the fight.. check it out the highlight and analysis below

Round 1: Kiria had an early answer for the reach and tenacity of Ristie as he drove forward and pressured Ristie who was surprised to see him come in with such a brash attitude. Ristie was successful when he created distance. He stretched his arm out to extend the distance between them.

Round 2: Kiria was planted on the canvas with a big knee that threw off Kiria’s timing for his defense after Kiria leaned in too far on a reaching left hook.  He recovered to an extent as Ristie tried to become the champion in the second round. Kiria looked fully healed after a late round clinch and pushed the pace momentarily to show that he had some fight left but Ristie finished the round with a barrage of knees and punches.

Round 3: Ristie was a bit slower in this round, maybe saving some energy for the pontetial championship rounds. He was aggressive when he needed to be but conserved some energy in the breaks. Kiria went for broke with a few rolling thunder kicks, all of which missed their mark.

Round 4: Kiria continued to use a stiff front kick and landed a head kick early on. Ristie was still in control as his composure was winning this fight for him as a wild Kiria did what he could against a fighter who up until this point was superior.

Round 5: This round was absolutely stunning. Slow and steady to start, Kiria rocked Ristie with a big shot and Ristie began to wobble around. Kiria got a second wind and knocked him down once. Once Ristie made the count, Kiria hit him with a front kick and battered Ristie until he got knockdown #2. Ristie had less than a minute to survive and likely win the bout but Kiria was unrelenting and put his entire life in to the last few seconds of the fight, dropping Ristie for the third time and winning the GLORY lightweight championship.

Official Decision: Davit Kiria defeats Andy Ristie via TKO at 2:22 of Round 5.

 Incredible end to an awesome fight.. Im eager to see what happens next glory is really picking up steam with fights like this