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The art of Muay Thai was originally developed as a close combat battlefield fighting skill to protect the Thai people from invasion. They needed a form of combat that could be used to defend themselves against spears, clubs and pikes and over hundreds of years of practice and development, Muay Thai was born.

Today, Muay Thai and Kickboxing are professional combat sports practiced around the world in events such as K-1 and the UFC.

As shown by elite fighters like Anderson Silva, Mauricio Shogun Rua and Jose Aldo, Muay Thai is clearly the most effective, dynamic and exciting striking system in existence.

8 Weapons of Choice

When you train in Muay Thai, you’ll learn how to use 8 weapons that are always at your disposal: two fists, two elbows, two knees and two shins.

Diverse Fighting Combos

Combinations of punches, elbow strikes, knee strikes and kicks are used in various positions resembling traditional western boxing but with a more diverse skill set.

Use the Entire Body

It’s use of the entire body that helps make Muay Thai the most effective martial art for getting you into top shape, giving you a lean and athletic body along with a high level of aerobic conditioning.

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