We are always open to change in the pursuit of better results for our members. The next big change coming down the pipe is a major upgrade to our Muay Thai Program.

Introducing  the new addition to our Mississauga Muay thai Coach staff .

Matt Embree

mississauga muay thai coach

As members of this academy we have had the benefit of studying under a variety of coaches through the years. With each adding their own special touch to the mix of skills and Muay Thai Kick-boxing training methods used. But I would have to say that he is the closest to modern top level of the art, coaching-wise we have gone!

The incoming coach Matt Embree has been a long time friend and training partner. I have trained with more than a few famous kick-boxers and Nak Muay’s (Thai fighters) over the years but none the less immediately took special notice of Matt given the clean technical displays he puts on in all of the Pro sparring sessions hosted at Elite.

A classically trained Muay Thai stylist with the addition of great boxing and a full toolbox of cutting edge skills Matt is hands down one of Canada’s best practitioners in competition today & beyond that a very skilled teacher and open minded martial artist. All this makes every second spent around him training or even talking time well spent.

2016 has us opening the doors to more frequent training opportunities with Matt for our Mississauga Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts students. As of now the schedule has him joining us in a coaching capacity for the following classes:

Monday and Wednesday evenings at 8pm-9pm.

These are not “fighters only” sessions but open to any member of the Muay Thai program looking to better their skill.

Take a look at the full facility schedule here

Everyone trains martial arts for different reasons but taking the time to train with a Coach of this calibre is a great investment in yourself regardless of  whether you are  fitness enthusiast looking to cross train, Competitive athlete looking to learn the best of modern muay thai or a student looking to master the craft of the art.

Classes start tomorrow at 8pm  but here is some footage of the man in action if you really must see for yourself.