Huge Boost to Mississauga Elite Muay 

The one certainty in life is change. fro better or worse its a fact things dont stay the same.

In the last year we  were fortunate to have Coach Ryan come in a teach the Muay Thai program. Taking over from Kru DJ Ryan started out  a relatively new instructor at the time but  grew well in to the role of building a solid muay thai base & culture of dedicated students & people that really love the art.

muay thai class @ elite
All that being said, the one thing in life that is 100% sure is CHANGE, so in line with that idea we  recently got news That coach Ryan would be leaving the academy for a solid work opportunity in “Parry Sound” Ontario + the opportunity to start a program there. Sad to see him go as he’s become a part of the the team and regular staple at the academy but at the same time happy to see him taking this huge career step.

The New instructor taking the reigns of the Muay thai program will be none other than KRU Raul Rojas (pictured below with my friends at TBM gym in Bangkok)

kru raul rojas muay thai in thailand

TBM gym thailand

A  7 time Muay thai champion and student trained developed in the Muay thai factory at  Southside Muay Thai, I really think Raul will bring some great elements to the program his technique first based style  that coveres all the bases from fitness & learning that art all the way to competition.

We are super excited to get the ball rolling on the classes. But He’s right now in Thailand so if everything works out we are tentatively looking at the week of April 1st as the start date on the new classes

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See you on the mats



Details on the ever important swing kick from a legend in the art enjoy