Summer 2015 was a great one across all the program at the academy so as a big thanks to all the members and friends of elite training centre we held a workshop with muay thai master Kru Jovan.

Jovan is a big friend of the club that comes annually to teach and see family but spends most of his year living the high life in far nothern thailand best training faciltiy at “Bright Boxing”

chiang-rai-flying-kneejovans home base in thailand

As coaches we have access to many great teachers and all come with our own training backgrounds in the arts of Muay thai and kickboxing but Jovan brings a very special edge to things in that

  1. Teaching competing and training in Thailand he is up to date on all the latest trends and tactics in full rules Muay thai (knee’s elbows trips… Real Muay thai)
  2. Being from Canada and understanding the general structure of classes here he knows how to convert classes into sessions that make sense in the western class format
  3. The man really knows his craft and is a legit high level  Muay Thai with top 10 ranked fighters competing in major stadiums. “no tourist fights here:)”


kru jovan knees


Fridays Muay Thai Seminar

The original plan for the workshop was to have it focus on the weakest link locally in Muay thai (the clinch). Just being honest locally there are some great world class fighters coaches and trainers BUT we have no reason to develop high level clinch work since there are no venues to use the skills. Muay thai as a sport is about winning!! And across all of North America you can count on 1 hand how many events have full rules muay thai (full clinch + elbows and knees – without padding)

Kickboxing or modified rules rules are a totally different situation than the 100 percent thai stadium style and Jovan brings a taste of that to every traning session

We covered a lot of content really quick and video taped it all so will be going more in depth with some of the technqiues shows via the session so dont worry if it went over your head during the 90 minute intensive session.

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