Mississauga muay thai testing and instructors program

14 months ago started we our beginners mississauga muay thai striking fundamentals program, the results are speaking for themselves.

It’s easy to get lost in the pack joining most Muay Thai / Thai-boxing programs.

Quite often classes have people of all skill levels mixed together so developing the fundamentals is very tricky and important details are often overlooked as “too basic”.

We’ve eliminated the problem with our striking fundamentals classes giving all new members a chance build their skills and fitness level from the ground up.

We are very proud to have recently graduated the following 14 members to the level 1 certification

Mississauga muay thai basics test graduates

Congrats to all test participants of the Mississauga elite muay thai beginners test

  • Dan Morgan
  • Daniel Pham
  • Ron Piercy
  • Zoe Reesor
  • Janae Lang
  • Michael Daroczi
  • Lulasz Pacek
  • Manuel Graterol
  • David Diuc
  • Kinshuk Mukherjee
  • Cosme Reverdo
  • Waylon Johnston
  • Mat Morgan

Having a decent fitness and technical base to work with our level 1 muay thai students now are ready to concentrate on a more specific  direction for their training

  • The study and practice of authentic Muay Thai
  • Competition in amateur and professional  Thai-boxing/ Mixed martial arts
  • Entry into phase 1 of the new Instructors program

Congrats to everyone keep up the good work


With this batch of students moving up it’s a great time to get started in the beginners program as the coaches are taking a further step back a laying everything you’ll need to get the training going right.  Click here for info and to register for your free intro classes

A quick peek inside the mississauga muay thai beginners class at elite training centre

A quick peek inside the mississauga muay thai beginners class at elite training centre