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Personal Training | Decoding the System & Making it Work for You

Today there is a fitness bootcamp in just about every park,  and “Discount  fitness club”  in just every couple of blocks in the greater Toronto Area.

Get past those and and you are looking at the ever popular Flavor or the month gyms pushing Circuit training, Kettlebells, Cross-fit style or whatever happens to be “hot” at the moment.

It is safe to say you have plenty options if you don’t don’t mind taking this cookie cutter approach to training there are plenty of options.

The personal training program at Mississauga Elite stands alone and what sets us apart from the rest of the pack is best summed up in two 7 letter words



The Most Convinently Overlooked Truth in The Fitness Industry

Deep down you already “really” know this.  But for most people, owning a gym membership and getting personal does not equal getting the fat los and fitness results they really want.

The “Gym in a box” cycle begins

Day after day people are tricked into thinking there is some connection to having a personal trainer /  health club membership and getting the actual fitness results. why exactly that is I am not quite sure. especially given the droves of people crowding these facilities dedicating thier time and effort to workouts that don’t produce any visible change.

Usually goes something like this …. New years arrives & the health conscious public go looking for personal training or a discount fitness club membership expecting to find better fitness & weight loss results results.  Sadly year after year in most cases  by mid march those same people realize the only thing they have really done is lock themselves into a long term contract that gives them access to a large crowded building full of equipment they don’t really know how to use, or a weekend certified personal trainer so they stop coming and quit training till the next year.

Elite training centre’s New Personal training program is  is for individuals who want to accelerate their progress via small group or one on one lessons.

Available to both members and non-members this program offers clients

  • Morning, lunch and evening sessions are available
  • The opportunity to train with your choice of coach
  • Simple to follow Lesson and Nutrition plans
  • Clear cut step by step objectives making it easier to reach your fitness/training goal
  • Expert level coaching and instruction for martial arts & fitness

What Are You Waiting For?

Join a world-class training centre with incredible goal-oriented training systems & intense dedication to maintaining a fit lifestyle

Our specialized intake program identifies outline and strategies an effect course of training to get you the fitness and technical training results you want and deserve.

Once we have identified your target we set to designing a custom personal training program based on your level of experience, goals and fitness level.

Everyone student has specific strengths, weaknesses and needs as a student.

Our personal training program has you work at your own pace, in a private setting to focus on exactly what you need

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