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What a way to start the weekend.. you know those fitness workouts that really make a difference? I’m not talking about going in to the gym and totally killing yourself with reps and intensity but a good balance of work and restorative exercise that  cover all the important bases.. we that was yesterday class

mississauga elite fitness tools

10am maybe a bit early on the weekend for some but what an awesome training session we ran through in less than 1 hour with only your choice of Kettle-bell + the TRX suspension training system.

Let call them the new Dynamic Duo you can do a lot with just these 2 items and your own body but here is a quick breakdown of what we got into yesterday.

Saturday April 16 Fitness Protocol 

1-Basic primer and warmup movements to get things going

2- Some new to me dynamic movements drills that opening the hips in a bunch of different directions and got us moving through all the important ranges of motion before hitting the harder work

If you haven’t you’ve gotta try the animal movement patterns

image of bear walking warmup

3- now nicely warmed up we hit a killer Kettle-Bell and TRX circuit that I am still feeling today.

“I mean that entirely in a good way though, not that so sore i can get out of bed feeling but a good nicely activated  and open feeling.. tough to explain but I guess you’ll have to hit a class and try explaining it 🙂 yourself” 

trx and kettlebells in mississauga

New there are tons of workouts you could do, but today I would probably say High intensity interval traning “HIIT” is likely the most popular setup.

HIIT training is good and like all systems has its time and place but the issue with it that has always stuck out to me was things get competitive with score boards and time chart etc.. that’s great if you know what you are doing and already have the base needed but if you are brand new to fitness training or need a bit more runway so to speak before you really start flying then a scale-able more foundations based program is going to pay off in far better results for you  “most notably avoiding the injuries that seem to go with sloppy  HIIT circuits

By “Scale-able” that I mean you could go as light or intense as you wanted  still get a great workout and be building the propper base to help carry up the food chain to more complicated movements and exercises.

New classes on the way

Currently we have conditioning classes

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday @ 7pm

Friday @ 545 pm

Saturday @ 10 am

heres a few videos from behind the scenes of our Mississauga fitness sessions.

See you soon