Wow first couple days out here in California have been a bit better than ok 🙂

Weathers good training is great and as always im trying to soak it all up and bring it home to Elite.

Yesterdays lunch session was really special one as I had the chance to go to the” MECCA” of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu The Gracie  academy in Torrance California.

mississauga bjj inside the gracie academy

Far from an easy drive given California traffic out but i made it work..

Funny enough I wasn’t the only fighter smart enough to be there as both Brendan Shaubb and Lyoto Machida were in class getting those very rare details that make the art so powerful when used properly.

We covered some mount maintenance and escape drills that are very useful for gi or no gi use and I’ll be adding to our drills once i’m back in a few days.


On top of all that i got the rare opportunity to meet Rorion Gracie a legend in the martial arts.. so a very good day on the mats 🙂

claude patrick at gracie academy with rorion gracie

with Gracie jiujitsu master and ufc pioneer Rorion Gracie

tonight is my reunion with Buchecha.. we trained almost daily for my ufc london fight when he was living in florida and the guys taken the sport BJJ game over in the last two years as the dominant champion on the mats.. so just more in the toolbox … see you guys in a bit.

Here is an awesome clip of Buchecha sweeping and almost arm-locking roger gracie the most dominant sport bjj player ever. great sequence on both offense and defense