Its officially spring and here is what going on

  • Price changes april 1st 2013
  • New MMA and Fitness equipment scheduled for 1st week of april

  Elite’s  New years  pricing specials end april 1 2013, we purposely kept this going a bit longer than usual new year offer, giving people a chance to often try something else realize that those gimmicks/ big gyms JUST  don’t work or get boring  in a hurry

But unfortunately as they say…” all good things must come to an end”

April 1st 2013 we shift to our summer special towards students wrapping up at school giving them the best deal in town on quality martial arts or fitness training straight until September


new fully stuffed new Muay Thai bags.


MMA & Fitness Facility upgrades on route

We already pride ourselves on being a clean and well equipped  martial arts training centre and we are  taking a huge step forward with the addition all new MMA and fitness training gear

  • 6 foot lbs Muay Thai bags
  • 2 Sets of Ultra thick crash pads ” safer practice of higher impact takedowns/throws”
  • New Fully computerized Air-dyne bike
  • A second Weighted Prowler sled “ your going to love this one when we take it outdoors”
  • Wall-mounted TRX  training system + built in chin up bar + monkey bars (yes it is as cool as it sounds
  • 2 sets of Kettlebell’s from 5lbs-40lbs

Taking all our training programs to the NEXT LEVEL… its going to be a HOT SUMMER


protective plyo boxes for mississauga elite fitness training

we are taking away the possibility of taking a crazy spill of busting your leg up on a failed jump.. with these new plyometric boxes you push your limits with full confidence