MMA – Mixed Martial Arts

The Most Powerful Martial Arts Under One Roof

To succeed as a mixed martial artist, you must first develop your skills in each specific discipline to be later able to put them together. Elite training centre’s Mississauga MMA program makes it very easy for you to do exactly that.

The ‘Truth’ About Elite MMA Training

MMA / Mixed martial arts  has taken the world by storm…

Because of this, everywhere you look, so-called MMA schools are popping up like flies, or martial arts schools that already existed are jumping on the MMA bandwagon by simply buying into a franchise , hiring random coaches and changing their business cards.

Here’s what many of these fly-by-night MMA schools won’t tell you…

To succeed as a mixed martial artist, you must first develop your skills in each specific discipline to be later able to put them together.

Mississauga Elite MMA's program makes it very easy for you to do exactly that.

The Most Powerful Martial Arts Under One Roof

You've done your research and are ready to get into MMA, and we’ve got you covered… Mississauga Elite MMA’s program brings you the very best in coaching, and training for all levels of experience.

For striking and clinching, we offer boxing and Muay Thai / Kickboxing, the most powerful stand up striking arts ever created.

You’ll learn how to utilize your hands, elbows, knees and shins to attack and defend, giving you a vast and powerful arsenal of weapons at your disposal.

tools of the trade for mma training in mississauga

For takedowns and grappling, you’ll learn the slick skills of Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, made famous by Royce Gracie as he dominated opponents twice his size to become the first ever UFC champion.

You can then put these skills to use in our MMA specific classes to round out your development.


 Coaching and structure

We can’t tell you all our secrets here but our results speak for themselves..

Our Mississauga MMA program is run by Claude Patrick “Mississauga’s most highly decorated Mixed Martial Artist, World  MMA record holder & only UFC competitor


Right away as a new member in our MMA program you are going to notice a few things different about our program.

Outside of the state of the art facility & equipment we offer,  Our members love the unique structure of our specialized MMA program.

The way the Mississauga Elite  MMA program is run, even someone who has never trained martial arts before can jump in get a great workout and start developing some very well-rounded skills.

Our top priority is setting members up to see their fitness and competitive goals.

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Just ask yourself this question..   

Do you want to be taught a bunch of random techniques the coach just learned on Youtube?? A Random mish-mash of movements being called MMA??


Our Mississauga’s only progressive “octagon tested” training system, taught by an expert in the field with over 10 years MMA coaching experience?

Mississauga Elite MMA is also home to the city's most successful and active mixed martial arts team.


As always the choice is yours but if you are curious about what sets our MMA program apart from the pack we have made it easy for you to get started.

Complete the form below to register for our FREE  Mississauga Elite MMA Headstart Program.

Back yourself up with training that delivers results and get started with the MMA headstart program today.

Our MMA Headstart Program includes:

  • 1 Headstart Session – in this session we’ll discuss your goals, tell you what to expect when you start training and direct you to the appropriate classes to get started ($30 value)
  • 2 FREE Classes – you’ll attend 2 classes recommended to you by our experienced instructors to get you started on the path to achieving your goals and to see if our club is right for you ($50 value)
  • 2 free Guest passes – Everyone at Mississauga mma works as a team so we are happy to share these 2 free guest pass with your friends and family allowing them a chance to check out out any of our martial arts or fitness programs

There’s absolutely no obligation and we won’t pressure you to join, because we know we are simply the premier choice when it comes to martial arts and fitness

Mississauga mma coach claude patrick after winning the CBF canadian mma title with MMA legends Bas Ruten, Guy Metzger and Alin Halmagean


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