On the boxing side of things, the popularity and growth of interest in “the sweet science” has been very impressive. The last few years with everyone trying to get back on track after the covid restrictions have people re-dedicated to optimal fitness and mastering the technical aspects of boxing.

As always we are listening and a result have a lot on the go in terms of expanding the boxing-related offerings in the academy starting with vamping the website (www.mississaugaboxing.com to cover everything properly)

But in the meantime, we want to let everyone know that the morning program is a go and fully operational with Coach Richard Lewis running the Boxing club weekdays 9am- Noon in addition to the already listed personal training, evening group classes & competition stream training already available.

Mississauga boxing clubs new coach Richard Lewis teaching the sweet science

If you have any questions feel free to touch base with Coach Lewis here —> 6477653704 and stay tuned for the new website on the way.

Thanks talk soon.