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Flash back to 2011 I am in Las Vegas for training camp  putting the work in before ufc 129 and after  one particular fitness workout i was pretty sure I was dying..

Now don’t get me wrong training was going great. Working out with the guys at  Throwdown MMA, Extreme Coture and Kevin Barry’s boxing club I was loving the quality of partners and training options available in just a few minutes drive  but something was wrong I just didn’t feel right.

The breaking point

Gilbert Martinez and Vitor belfort

The breaking point was I finally got the attention of a famous coach ( Gil Martinez) and managed to get some pad work in with him “not easy as a visitor in a busy pro gym like that” but it was happening so awesome I am going show him what i’ve got impress him and secure his help leading up to the fight.

Instead I looked like a totally rookie fool of a puncher and performed what must have been 30 percent of my ability.

The first two rounds or so were OK but by round 3 I literally couldn’t keep my hands up.

It made no sense I was in great shape my fitness level was super high and I flying through workouts but everything was tight, so tight I couldn’t raise my arms above my shoulders!!! No exaggeration either i literally couldn’t raise my arms in the air.

Now this is a messed up feeling that is tough to explain unless you’ve been through it but that combined with the feeling moving through AND had me worried.

Looking for help

I hit the internet for answers which was a big mistake and it  had me thinking I came down with everything from Polio to Altitude sickness or Rabies.

I just couldn’t figure it out. I was tight so tight my muscles weren’t moving properly and I had this strange tingle in my legs.

Clearly I didn’t die but in case you haven’t figured it out my problem was I was like most people Dehydrated.

In my case severely dehydrated .. the problem is, in Las Vegas it is so hot and dry that you sweat and it evaporates before you see most of it. Resulting in massive water loss every workout.. I was training 2x a day and only taking in my usual (1.5 litres or so)  amount of fluids, Not nearly enough..

You simply can’t expect to enjoy optimal  strenght, fitness or athletic performance if you are living in a state of dehydration.

According the world famous Mayo clinic people should be looking at a minimum of approx.  2-3 litres per day to keep your system running optimally.  “Athletes & those living in tropical climates need more


3 litres of water per day

“Totally off point but I was looking for images and came across this pretty amazing pic. Even cosmetically drinking enough water pays big returns”

Importance of propper hydration

results of hydration

It’s an easy fix , just drink 2-3 litres of water per day and you are probably doing better than most, but what if you take it up a notch?

I have found without a doubt after a few days taking in 6-7 litres of whatever per day EVERYTHING is running better and athletically  your performance will be through the roof.

its important to realize the fascia  “thin layer of tissue that covers your muscles” is tight and restricted when dehydrated and that leads to lack of flexibility mobility and stamina so keeping that keeping that in check and moving well makes everything you do athletically better.

The health benefits of keeping well hydrated are countless and the all it takes is the focus to make sure you get your daily count in. Give it a shot and lets see how it goes.