Last week I saw the busiest 24 hour period I have been a part of in a long time. With a  16 hour Ribeiro Jiu-jitsu instructors certification held Friday and Saturday morning and running the course of the day I just barely made it in time for Igor’s match hosted by  Kru “Miami” David Crawley over at New Energy Muay Thai in Scarborough.

scarborough muay thai gym

The event was well run as always with the New Energy events and fair match-ups were delivered showing a great display of techniques between most of the matches I had a chance to see. The great thing about Kru Miami’s events are the attention paid to ensuring the match up’s are fair and the demos are actually demos.

Nothing beats going to an event with a new athlete looking to gain some experience and being matched up with another new “nak-muay” only to find out they’ve had 40 pro fights in boxing and mma lol. It may not be that bad, but seriously I kid you not there are some academies who just do not grasp the concept of a mutually beneficial fight where both competitors and safely apply their skills vs someone equally experienced or new to the sport.

mississauga muay thai in action

I arrived about 1 hour into the show but had time to take in a few matches and still help Igor warm up for his match.

The fight went well with Igor competing vs a very aggressive and athletic competitor out of New Energy Muay Thai’s stable of fighters. With it being a demo there was officially no winner or loser in the fight but both athletes got their shots in and walked away with some solid lessons and areas of development to work towards.

Always good to walk away from competition none the worse for wear and you are generally always better than before you stepped in the ring given all the hard work and dedication put towards building your fitness and technical skills to make sure you perform when it counts.

the d1 muay thaui team in scarborough

This is why win or lose competitors get a lot of intangible gifts from Muay Thai that are hard to explain in writing… One thing that isn’t magical or tough to explain is the physical change Igor underwent in preparation for this  fight.

Loosing an impressive 25+ lbs to make it down to 182.lbs ! He is looking and moving like a completely new man. That is awesome real fitness with a purpose not a crash diet or fad that you drop in a few weeks or once summer is done. Congratulations and keep up the good work Igor.

Also a big thanks to the entire D1 Muay Thai team that helped him prepare for the match and make his participation possible.

conditioning road work

D1 muay thai assistant coach Paul putting the guys through the paces with some road work


Stay tuned for news on a special new program coming our way that will make getting into Muay Thai even easier for even the most in experienced beginner