Mississauga Muay Thai | Curriculum Arrives Next Week

So, I don’t think it’d be too much of a stretch to say that the recent changes with the Muay thai classes are pretty well received.






With the largest numbers we’ve ever seen attendance wise across board from 6 all the way 9 pm its clear people are enjoying the sessions.

While i love the fact everyone is enjoying the program the big news i have is that we haven’t even really started “THE PROGRAM” yet.

may pad work in a class











With the departure of Ryan as the primary coach I knew it would take some time for everyone to adjust to a new approach / structure so we took the first 3-4 weeks for everyone involved student & staff to get into the groove of the new partnership.

Plus give us all a chance to see if things were a good fit overall on both sides, That being said just going by the reviews coming in from students of all experience levels its safe to say the class is ready for more.

#1 in the world of Standup Fighting

one of the best things about Muay Thai is that its a perfect fit for people’s martial arts and fitness needs on so many levels.

Coming to prominence as a no nonsense reality based style and national sport of Thailand it blew up in the mid to late 1990’s world wide.

completely dominating the arena of mixed striking events world wide.

 “You know its big when Van-damme makes a movie about it’ 🙂



“That great but what if i have no plans of fighting this guy 🙂 ???”

No worries im right there with you, not everyone is a fighter so today we are looking at a situation where its gone from a fringe  and very extreme art to one of the most popular martial arts with millions of people training world wide.

Each with their own reason

  • Mastery of the art
  • Great stress relief
  • Complete Stand-up self defence
  • Great for  Cardiovascular health, Mobility & Flexibility

The list could go on and on but you get the point. whether stepping in the ring or not you get a lot out of the art.
One thing that you’ll find, in almost every case is everybody who is dedicated to Muay Thai (lets say 3-4 days a week) sees phenomenal fitness results.









I wont get overly scientific here but training in Muay Thai calls on you to use a variety of energy systems so as a result practitioners end up in amazing shape body composition wise.This is why we why we started with the fitness base in the program, Building it so the fitness people go their fix and the people more interested in the technical and competitive aspects of the training would be physically able to do what was coming next..

Breaking out your muuay thai road-map

Next week we will be launching the first in a set of Muay Thai curriculum’s that will be guiding your training on the technical level going forward. This has been a long time coming so I’m very excited to see the results because it’s IMO this that will cover the gaps most people find lacking in the structure of their practice.

Sure the Pro or Extreme Thai-boxing hobbyist will for the most part figure and end up being a tough cookie either way out but having a concrete list of what you need to know and benchmarks of development is really going to help.  If I’m not mistaken the basic level foundation runs 10 weeks and operates on a rotating  class lesson plan so regardless of when you get started in the curriculum you’ll be able to touch back on the previous lessons in the near future or even as an advanced practitioner hop back in the rotation and touch up your basics.

thanks see you soon