hi everyone,

Summer is off to a great start and a lot taking place in and around the academy,

School is out !!! we have started our ever popular summer 3 month membership specials.                                                                                       This means if your looking to get in to shape or learn martial arts this summer.. its best to Give us a call at 416-910-6175 to schedule your  no cost introductory classes and a chance to  meet with our program co-ordinato’rs to figure out the best training program for you.

2-Kru Dj has set Saturday June 18th at 2pm to be the time the Level 1 muay thai testing.  Training for that is going great as everyone is working hard to do their best test day but if you need and info please email djdallaire@gmail.com for details.

yellow shorts class putting in the extra work for the muay thai class

3- we are still playing with the schedule a bit to see what works best for everyone but one thing is for sure. The new  MMA conditioning circuit classes  are a big hit.. using many tools and training methods you wont find in any local heath club or personal training session, everyone as been getting great results in the two weeks since we started.  It appears we will be changing the class times to Tuesday at 7pm and Saturday’s at 11am.

making room for our new grappling program Monday and Wednesday at 6-7 pm…

look on these guys faces says it all… elite conditioning is no joke:)