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Hey everyone, quick  quick heads up on a few fronts as I may not be blogging as much over the next two weeks.

Things are very busy at the academy between the upcoming events ( Dec 14 boxing event+ kids BJJ workshop this weekend) and           new members wisely getting a jump on the “2014 rush” and starting to train before  new years resolutions time hits.

always a good idea 🙂


1- With the recent influx of new members in the intro programs we have made a few changes to make things run even smoother.

During the classes new members with “less than 5 lessons” will work along side an assistant coach to help get them up to speed on things and able to smoothly transition into the main class.

Kru DJ will be running these sessions with the help of coach Eric Miller

2- With Kru DJ now running the 6pm sessions,  I will now be focussing on the 8pm Monday & Wednesday intermediate muay thai class 

The big change you will notice right away is the addition of the technique list in the form of a large poster on the wall.

It has a good assortment of bag and partner pad combinations you are looking to get comfortable with and can practice before and after class.

Following up on what you’ve learned as a base in the fundamentals class we are taking a more detailed look at

Lead and rear hand hooks

offensive and defensive Clinch work

Lead leg kicks

Catching ,blocking, checking and evading both kicks & punches

its a pretty big step forward in both fitness and skill training from the introductory class  but its amazing what you can accomplish in your martial arts and fitness training with structure , focus and little dedicated effort.

See you Monday 8pm for day 1

December 21st BJJ promotions 

Don’t forget the BJJ belt promotions are coming up saturday dec 21st 12-1pm so bring those gi’s + belts lets get a weekend class in and finish up with the promotions too see were you start off 2013 in the class lineup:) ..

Both the Core and sport BJJ classes have been developing nicely and I am very happy with the development of skills and attitude of the team. Let keep it going strong.

mississauga BJJ guard passing

Practiced correctly size isnt a huge factor in the art of brazilian jiu-jitsu