Hi everyone,

Every so often we get a question to the effect of  “Am i too out of shape or old  to start training”?

The crystal clear answer for those training at elite training centre is… NO.

The benefits, results and enjoyment you get from practicing martial arts all really boil down to the approach you take in training and has very little to do with age or physical ability if you are training the right way.

As they say in the movies.. we can do this hard way or the easy way.

  • If you like to do things the “hard way” ie Practice with no structure
  •  enjoy working  with or are yourself an ego maniac
  • Are driven by totally unrealistic outlook on why you are involved in martial arts

 you CAN and SHOULD jump over to another webpage right now because I am about to lay out a few Easy things you can do at any Age to get the most out of your training in martial arts.

Have the right tools for the job

40 maybe the new 20 but the older  and your boss will not be impressed by how many leg kicks you look last night without going down as you hobble your place of work  … always wear the proper training gear for class and train with purpose.

Pick a training schedule that works for you

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you have to train every day, or even 4 days a week.

 2-3 days a week works best  while you condition your body for the art you’ll be training; it provides enough training to see steady progress, but also enough rest time.

When looking for results , Rest is just as important as work.

Select training partners you can trust

 I cant speak for every academy but at Elite no one last’s long as a member or gets ahead by being  goon towards training partners.  So the odds of running into this fellow are pretty slim but if you do you may want to look for another partner.

looking for some “hardcore” training? great 🙂 well here i your partner be sure to let me know what you learn


Not every session is the super bowl

This might be the most important of all advice.  If you don’t “turn it up” when you are training, your partners are far more likely to dial back the intensity themselves making for a far more enjoyable and productive session and the end of the day. Training in an intelligent fashion keeps you SAFE and boot your skills fast.

Check your ego at the door

Training with the objective of winning in mind all the time is the best way to slow your learning and makes you  terrible training partner.

Leave your ego outside and come ready to learn everyday

It doesn’t matter if you lose a battle, especially since it means you get to keep training.  

Always remember this!


in other news today is the first ever metamorsis pro BJJ event..

20 mins/ no points and some awesome fight lined up..

Check out the trailer below…

Train hard , train smart

Team elite