Mississauga BJJ | 1st of many Blackbelts in the Academy

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so lets will start with a few shots from Thursday Jiu-Jitsu classes and Surprise belt promotion for long time brown belt Mike Imperato.

Congrats to Mike on the black belt and coach Sam Zakula for mentoring yet another high level grappler

Congrats to Mike on the black belt and coach Sam Zakula for mentoring yet another high level grappler

Putting in over 10 years of training under Sam’s tutelage he joins the black belt club and has the distinction of being the first person awarded a black belt of any type inside the Elite training centre. I’m thinking its a good sign of things to come.

Anyhow check out these pics and a few videos from behind the scenes a the academy this past thursday

Video of  What really happens at our academy?

So i some of it all as program co-coordinator at the academy including getting the occasional picture or video shot. Here are a some behind the scenes videos of both classes Thursday evening

p.s . please note even when on camera duty i’m still on top of the details with the students .

walk in tour

Video #2 – Darce details with Coach  Sam Zakula

Sam’s not a big fan of the camera but one of the nations very best coaches so i had to sneak up and get this footage showing his hands on style that has consistently delivered results for students from all walks of life.

Video #3 | Claude Patrick Bottom Hook Details –

Busy filming or not I remain a stickler for technical detail. Technique 1st at Mississauga BJJ. Watch Leslie pickup the details and properly using the bottom hook on bakc attacks. Still not there 100 percent but a lot lot better with just a few corrections.


We have a lot of exciting changes on the way making your martial arts and fitness experience even better with…

  • New Total Beginners drills classes (Monday & Wednesday)
  • New Club Rash guard uniform
  • New Core Jiu-Jitsu patches
  • Return of the pro/amateur  MMA program
  • Core Jiu-Jitsu & No Gi BJJ Technique syllabus available in print and email

All that and more Sunday …Check the new section at  —->>   https://bjjmississauga.com/blog/  for all the details