Hi everyone

the new Home of elite training centre opens this coming Monday January 3rd 2011..  our new schedule will be the same as what is now posted with the addition of a few things until we finalize the changes

A few of which include

Fitness and competive boxing training+classes

Pro MMA training sessions being run by the world champion muay thai kickboxing trainer Kru Alin of Iron tiger muay thai.  These are scheduled for wednesday evenings.

The  BJJ/Grappling  fundamentals classes focusing on the often overlooked basic movements and concepts that develop a strong base for both sportive and mixed martial arts based ground work.

The introduction of our long awaited  freestlye and greco roman wrestling programs..

again thanks to everyone for all the help and making elite the great place to train that it is.. with the new upgrades in training space and expanded schedule the new year is looking up in a big way.

1557 seedlescomb drive ( 2 blocks east of dixie and dundas )