Fall 2016 Muay Thai Expansion

We don’t go out of our wary to be different or better than anyone else “is there any more subjective term than (better) in art of any type”?

But as an academy we are always looking to add on to and build past the positive results other changes have brought about, Occasionally this causes some flack from other circles in the martial arts community as we are seem as not following “the authentic path – again another subjective term” but in all due respect it never really bothered us much 🙂

Elite training centre is based on getting you results, By that we mean the basic premise behind our Academy is to use the arts and systems offered to deliver top notch fitness/technique & performance based results.

Fitness , competition or study of the arts we work hard to keep all the bases covered.

That being the case we are happy to introduce the newest addition to our staffing team in Coach Richard Joseph.



Coach Rich brings over 20 year’s experience to the table. Having studied various martial arts he’s most known for his highly technical approach to Muay Thai and Kick-Boxing.

After a well received 2 week trial run we have made it official, Coach Rich will be running the advanced 8pm Muay Thai classes Monday and Wednesday  plus several of the 6pm classes. —>> full schedule here

Mississauga Muay thai @ mma event

pre-fight warm-up in 2007

***The long term plan is to offer the ever popular pad-work class +  a beginners stream of the full Muay Thai program in addition to the more advanced sessions he has taken over***

First thing to look forward to is for the next month every Monday we will be running clinch oriented classes. The clinch was a major topic in the workshops with Kru Jovan over the course of the summer so this special 4 week refresher course is a great way to pick up new skills or build on clinch work you already have..

More info on the muay thai program is available here

And in the mean time enjoy some behind the scene’s clich work from the mongolian Muay thai team direct from thailand