so we are in action.. still cleaning up finishing touches on a few things and assembling the additional training tools but Mats both for the floor and walls are up.. so we are off and running. Classes are good as ever and all the staff want to thank our members who stuck with elite when we were far from the best equipped facility 🙂 “ie the days back in the dungeon :)” but now no corners have been cut and things are looking good.

A bunch on events will be held this month and early feb, starting with a free nutrition workshop with Conditioning expert eric wong(

but for now here is the updated program schedule

Monday’s + Wednesday’s

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu – 12pm-1pm

Boxing –6pm -7pm

Dynamic strength and conditioning 7pm-8pm

Muay thai  8pm-9:30pm

Tuesday’s & Thursday’s

7 dragons children’s martial arts 5pm-6pm

Kickboxing –6pm- 7pm

Wrestling 7pm-8pm

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu fundamentals 8pm- 8:45

Jiu-jitsu  technique and drills 8:45-9:30


Muay thai partner drills 6:30-7:30pm


7 dragons childrens martial arts 11am-12pm

Muay thai pad work 12 pm-1pm

Mixed martial arts  1 pm-2:00pm

*Professional MMA  and striking training sessions will be held twice a week  with one session for 4:30 pm Wednesday and the other yet to be decided time.