Hi everyone

here’s the scoop…

Every so often i do a bit of charity work towards the betterment of the sport(GTA mma trials etc)

As of recently i figured the battle was won with ufc/mma being made legal in Ontario after so many years.

The reality is the fights are legal but unless you are already signed to a going event the options to developing pro and  amateur mma fighters are very limited.  I’ve heard you cant compete unless you are approved by the Ontario athletic commission which i think is a good idea overall  but given they need an amateur background which its not easy to get here since amateur mma isn’t exactly taking off locally:)

The problem was clear… the solution came to me at my first golf tourney a few months back..

I was introduced to a very solid gentleman that is hosting  the nations largest amateur mma event come april 2013… they are bringing in teams from all over the U.S and Canada and requested i slap together one..

I don’t usually really have time for this sort of thing but I am committing the time because locally we desperately need a kick start and a method of getting our Fight scene going again. Just think As recently as 2 years back we had that Hull/Gatinau area going steady but now with Wreckmma gone and Freedom fight not really saying much its a lot harder to get the ball rolling regardless of how talented you may be.

I could cherry pick a few guys i know and bring em out there as MY team but that not my style nor is that going to do much for the sport..  so instead im putting the offer out to everyone..  trainer or fighter that wants to get involved and bringing a
GTA /southern ontario TEAM out to compete..

The squad will consist of the best men and women looking to compete

Im not sure how we will organize it in terms of fighter selection but to get started email me


with your
name, weight, experience & where you train

Thanks guys lets rock this show, and get the next generation of fighters out here in the game.

We have always had some of the best fighters in the nation (checkout the familiar faces below) just very poor infrastructure to get people started.


This is totally non political so it doesn’t matter what team you train with + you dont have to change your training or coaching staff at all.. just like any other event except in the i’m doing the logisitics of getting the fighters in the FIGHT
talk soon — claude patrick