COVID-19 caught everybody by surprise so we’ve been taking a wait and see approach because I didn’t know what direction things were going to go in terms of reopening & the timeframes associated.

But now it’s some clarity and set guidelines for reopening we are ready to go.

With the green light in terms of return to action for a variety of styles, we will be restarting classes Monday July 27th on a modified schedule starting with the following programs.

Trifecta Fitness

Tuesday & Thursday @ 630pm

Youth Karate
Tuesday & Thursday @ 530pm 

Monday & Wednesday & Friday @ 6pm

We’ve decided to wait until Phase 3 of the Ontario jiu-jitsu association timetable to resume the Jiu-Jitsu / Grappling program


It’s been about 5 months, So we can wait a little more to ensure our return to the mats is a good one.

I’ll be in touch if anything changes but otherwise we’ll see you next week

Coach Patrick