2 day workshop with the Chaing Rai’s Muay Thai Clinch-master


Hey everyone,

Summer 2016 is off to a great start and we have news just about everyone has been looking forward to.

Once  a year all the way from the mountains of Chiang Rai Thailand Kru Jovan makes a trip back to run a few workshops in the GTA area.

Kru Jovan has been living and training in Thailand since 1994!!!! The very first of the Toronto area practitioners to make the trip to train and compete in Thailand.




We are talking the Real Deal in Thai style training.

I do my best to avoid the “which style of striking is “best” debate and think every tool works well when matched to the correct job. But with Muay Thai’s super refined striking clinch tactics it would be crazy to miss the chance to study with someone as educated and masterful in this range of the art.

Without a doubt every style has its advantages but no style focuses on clinch nearly as much as the competitive full rules Muay Thai in Thailand.

It is a totally different animal than what most people know to be Muay Thai “usually MMA or Kickboxing fans”. Make no mistake the clinch game is a science all unto itself and no where does it better than Thailand.

now this gave us two options..

  1. Take everyone to Thailand, that would be nice but not very economical
  2. Bring a master in the craft to us and get all the info we can for the short time he is available

We’ve clearly gone with option #2 and to spice things up even more for this years visit we will be doing something a little bit different with 1 day of the clinch master series being held at Kru Danny Beauclerc’s academy  Black Devil MMA


Ajarn Jovan Stojanovki’s  ground breaking 2 part workshop

Clinch Master 

Part 1 will be held July 15th 2016 at  7 pm at black Devil MMA

Cost is $50

Black Devil Mixed Martial Arts

570 Bloor Street West

Toronto, ON  M6G 1K1

P: 647-352-4568

To register contact Black Devil MMA directly

E: contact@BlackDevilMMA.com

Black Devil is headed up by Kru Danny Beauclerc, an active MMA coach and competitor with the distinction of being one of Toronto’s very few martial arts academies with a specific focus on MMA applications.


Also certified as a Kru under Stinger Muay Thai association. I had the chance to get some cross training in Danny’s team at their recent  workshop. It was this same meeting where we hatched the idea behind this of this great cross training opportunity.

ATTN Mississauga elite members

For Elite members the spaces on the July 15th workshop are limited.

Everyone says that but we actually mean it, in the interest of making good use of the knowledge being offered at the workshop we are limiting the spots to invite only.

I have have a general idea of who is suitable for the session and will be speaking to you soon but if you feel strongly about attending the session please contact me directly in person or at claudepatrick@gmail.com


We are still checking the schedule for when we will be hosting part 2 at Elite training centre but will keep everyone posted.