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The job Isn’t over once you finish training, lets look at post workout nutrition

We hit the gym and train hard but the work in the academy is only 1 part seeing of the results you want.

By now its fairly common knowledge that post training nutrition is super important to recover well and make the most of your training efforts but what to do?? 

Most people find a good meal immediately after training a tricky thing to get their hands on so settle for the infamous protein shake for their nutrition needs.

With so many options on the market it can be no doubt tough to pick one so there are so many choices so today we are taking a bit of time to explain what type of post workout shake is best for you and why.


The Gameplan to better recover

After a tough training session you have 3 things you want to do in order to get maximum results from your effort.

  1. Activate protein synthesize  
  2. Lower cortisol levels
  3. Refuel glycogen levels

Gatorades , water or milk seem to be the most popular choices made by most gym rats.  But these choices can fall short in meeting all three criteria.

gatorade aint your best bet post workout

Gatorade while restoring electrolytes does not contain any protein and uses dextrose as its sugar source.  This does not spike insulin well, so cortisol levels and protein synthesis remain a problem.  Milk on the other hand is pasteurized which means its digestive bacteria has been killed off.


Research shows that your best bet is a fast digesting whey protein mixed with maltodextrin to spike insulin is the most effective post workout drink that covers all theree bases. 

post workout meals are crucial

What you drink is important but let not forget timing.

Two hours after training your cells are in a stage of insulin sensitivity,. Meaning the two hour window after training is the best time to have your hi glycemic carbohydrates.

 In an earlier blog I talked all about insulin and how it can help or hinder your fat burning efforts.  When insulin is spiked after or during a workout it helps significantly with fat burning and muscle building.  Spiking insulin at this time will also lower the stress hormone cortisol, the hormone which is responsible for making your belly area fat so following these suggestions will help kills a few bird with 1 stone on your road to better martial arts and fitness.

the road to fitness