Here’s a great write up from my friend albert changs blog that he’s just started.. Those of you thinking about post training recovery and all hung up on protien shakes are missing a big piece of the puzzle.. Reducing Inflamation.. which we will get into more in upcoming posts.. but check this out for a good start

Anti-Inflammatory Foods: A Key Component Of Recovering From Workouts!

p.s those of you worried about the carbs stay tuned for the next post i’ll be getting into that and how we can use them effectively


Hey guys, 

Thanks for taking the time to read my first article.  I’ve been training and experimenting with food for the last 13 years in order to better not only my athletic performance but overall health.  In all my years of reading different training articles, one thing that is rarely talked about is the importance of anti-inflammatory foods – especially post-workout.
Despite all the negative connotations associated with it, inflammation actually helps in the recovery process.  After an intense workout, blood will accumulate at the site of damage.  This causes the normal symptoms of inflammation such as swelling, stiffness and heat to appear.  White blood cells called neutrophils will then migrate to the area and absorb the debris of damaged cells.  Finally, cells known as macrophages will arrive to clean everything up and stimulate tissue regeneration.
The problem occurs when individuals enter training sessions with inflammation not adequately resolved between workouts.  If this occurs frequently, the individual runs the risk of persistent tissue trauma and chronic inflammation.  Generally, this problem can be narrowed down to lack of recovery and inadequate nutrition.  Nutrition, especially post-workout is an overlooked aspect in combating inflammation. 
Here are some very good anti-inflammatory foods that can easily be found in your local supermarket or health food stores:

mississauga elite nutrition food for post-workout recovery

Turmeric, a culinary spice known
for it’s powerful anti-inflammatory
Turmeric – A root similar to ginger regarded as one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory agents.  Also, known as a natural liver detoxifier.  It is sometimes difficult to find turmeric root, so obtaining turmeric powder from a health food store works too.  
Pineapple – This tasty tropical fruit contains an enzyme called Bromelain that reduces inflammation associated with arthritis and other joint disorders, and the swelling of soft-tissue injuries. 
Blueberries – Filled with antioxidants and phytonutrients that produce a very strong anti-inflammatory effect.
Ginger – Strong anti-inflammatory properties that also aids in digestion.
Broccoli – Contains sulforaphane, which helps the body clean out carcinogenic compounds.
Of course, the list of anti-inflammatory foods are not limited to the above.  Experiment and choose what works best for you.
I personally prefer to battle post-workout inflammation with a blended shake or fresh juice (if you do not want the fiber) from a juicer.  By doing this, you are consuming natural  foods that are broken down and readily absorbed – minimizing strain to the digestive system and thereby allowing the body more energy to rebuild.  
This is what I put in my blender. Feel free to play around with it as taste varies from person to person. 

alkaline foods are a big part of any post workout meal or shake

Using a blender or juicer will make
nutrients more readily available.
1/2 to 1 teaspoon of Turmeric 
1/2 cup of Pineapple
1/2 cup of Blueberries
1/4″ to 1/2″ of Ginger Root
1 squeezed juice from a Lemon
1/4 cup of Cucumber
200 mL of Water
Maca – For recovery of the adrenals
Hemp Seeds – If you want the Omega 3s and don’t care about the fats impeding absorption
Spirulina, Chlorella, AFA – Nutrient dense super foods that alkalize the blood. 
Of course, I have not forgotten about my post-workout protein.  I like to consume my blended shake immediately after a workout so that I can absorb a diverse amount of nutrients and kick-start the anti-inflammatory process.  I will wait 10 minutes later and have my protein shake (brown rice and hemp) with more carbohydrates.  Of course you can also do it the other way around if you are more concerned with macro-nutrients but I have found great success with the blended shake first. 
Anyways, that wraps up my first article. I hope everyone enjoyed it.  Feel free to comment or ask any questions you may have. 🙂
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