When you step inside the Mississauga Elite MMA, the first thing you’ll notice is the positive energy.

It’s unlike any other martial arts club or gym you’ve been in before.

From the coaches to the staff right down to the students, everyone is working together towards their individual goals. There’s always someone there for you to answer your questions and give you a friendly helping hand.

Friendly And Safe Training Environment

When you first join our Mississauga martial arts academy, you’ll be welcomed to the club with open arms and surrounded with others who share common goals and want to learn and grow in a positive environment.

After all, for most of us, martial arts is not a full-time career, it’s just something to do for fun and to stay in top shape.

Nobody wants to walk around with a black eye and we can’t afford any serious injuries that might prevent us from earning a living.

Unlike some clubs, we’ll never pressure you to compete to ‘represent the club’ in competition if you don’t want to.

In fact, the majority of our students are more interested in the numerous other benefits of training martial arts, such as:

  • Weight loss and functional muscle gain – develop an athletic and toned body as opposed to the bulky, bodybuilder look
  • Improved balance, co-ordination and agility – through consistent training with us you’ll soon be light on your feet and feel quick and agile
  • Cardiovascular fitness – your heart and lungs will get a great workout, keeping you fit and healthy by helping to prevent heart disease and high blood pressure
  • Increased self-confidence – you’ll not only feel better about yourself, you’ll also develop the ability to defend yourself and loved ones should the situation arise
  • Massive stress relief – there’s nothing like physical activity to help you relieve stress, especially if it involves punching or kicking a bag
  • Make new friends – one of the biggest benefits our members talk about is the lifelong friendships they make with other like-minded students at our club

So whether your goal is to train for the personal challenge in learning martial arts, get in the best shape of your life or compete professionally, it all starts with building a strong foundation at the Elite Training Centre.

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