After a few intense days of manual work we’ve finished the shifting of some tools to make the two training spaces do what they do best …

Striking Room ( Boxing / Muay Thai / Kickboxing )

*** Still adding the additional mats to increase the space but the bags are up and
have been a great addition to the classes already.

facility pic of elite mississauga

elite facility pic main room

Grappling Room

Bigger isn’t always better but in this case expanding the mat space for Adult and Kids
Jiu-Jitsu is already a big hit. With the new Comparatives class on the way in July i’m sure
it will come in handy.

Long Weekend Schedule

Long weekend just around the corner so a quick heads up on the schedule.
we are open Saturday on our regular schedule and closed on Monday

*click any for behind the scenes video***

10 am  Trifecta fitness
11 am  BJJ Basics  Muay thai
12 am  Kids BJJ & Adults
Thanks and Happy holiday’s