Mississauga Martial arts and Fitness

Kicking things into high gear with separate kickboxing and Muay Thai classes.

The technical student development over the last year has been solid, with a good foundation now in place for the boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai classes we have been approached by more than a few members looking to specialise in their training. In some gym’s that may be a problem but at Elite your work is 100 percent based around the goals students are looking to achieve so we are making it a lot easier to structure your training with more specific classes.

Going forward the 8pm classes run by coach Richard are going 100 percent muay thai.

The class is still l open to all levels of experience and will be covering the full toolbox of skills featured in the art of Muay Thai.

Take a look at some Thai style pad work on the highest level

The 6 pm classes will be running on a kickboxing format so closer to what most people would consider mixed striking..  ideally the plan behind this open ended approach is to give you a broad over-view of the best striking tactics taken from styles like Muay thai, boxing, karate, Savate etc

Over the years I’ve seen students get far better results by following a structured syllabus so starting Monday Jan 23rd we will be running the curriculum from lesson #1 helping everyone get on the same page technique wise + make it easy for everyone from new to advanced to figure out exactly what next steps they should be looking to take skill fitness and technique wise to get the most from their training.

Level 1 you’ll only need gloves


Everything above level 2 we ask that you come prepared with shin pads and ready to work all the drills


*partner drill that go on to sparring are optional”

Still a bit confused about the difference between the two styles take a quick look here, a pretty good breakdown of the differences in plain easy to understand language

either way you dice is look forward to even more great work in our Mississauga muay thai and now also Mississauga kickboxing classes


Big congrats to MATT EMBREE a former coach at the academy he made big waves at the glory kickboxing event winning the tournament and earning a title shot vs robin van roosmalen  . Matt came up short but looked great in the early going of the fight.. being the hard worker that he is i’m sure he will be back even stronger with some adjustments