So you may have noticed we’ve got things looking a lot more spacious in the front room of the academy.

By taking down the main room bags and shifting them to the back things have really opened up nicely.

mississauga martial arts facility

The plan

Contrary to the original plan the boxing ring will stay in the front room but the bags are headed to the back, making it a complete Striking space while still matted for functional fitness training.

Yes we teach the real deal in terms of techniques and strategies but Elite training centre is structured more as an academy than what most people think of when they picture an MMA gym.


In the past use of the bags was limited to outside of class times of respect for students in the other classes training in the front room and it was a no go to be wearing shoes on the same mats people would be grappling on but  with growth comes change 🙂

best boxing shoes

We’ve released the brakes with this new split of the space as members can make full use all the striking gear whenever they like.


You may have noticed a new coach over the course of the last week as we welcome Denis Puric to the team for the summer.A champion Muay Thai, Kick-boxing and Tkd champion + one of very few westerners representing the legendary Banchamek Muay thai camp!!

I’ve attached some footage of previous matches to demonstrate a bit of his handiwork but don’t get to thinking you have to be a fighter to get in the mix.

Head coach in china at the KunLun fight team gym in Sanya & Zhuhai he brings a wealth of international training experience to the table and professional experience in the ring at the highest levels of sport that are tough to come across anywhere, much less the city of Mississauga 🙂

Class Schedule

Monday & Wednesday Evening’s

6pm – 7pm Foundations
7pm – 8pm Advanced  drills / sparring 

denis puric china muay thai