Unilateral training for Martial arts and Fitness

Don’t lift weights to get strong.. get strong then lift weights.

Body weight squats are no joke. Donne right and paying attention to the correct form you can and will see massive results with little to no equipment.

Not saying you completely ditch the gym  and weight entirely but at the same time, what use it a max squat of 2x body weight if you don’t have the fitness level or mobility to covert that to your sport or martial art?



hindu squats doen right

Last week in class I introduced some modified squats (known as hindu squats and made famous by “the great gamma” excellent for strength, cardio and overall conditioning these are the first in our new bodyweight sequence. Judging by the buzz going around the club in the following days it seems people felt the results even after the first session.

we will keep hammering home the technique and build volume there but on to this weeks addition

more than a few changes we will make to the motion demo’ed in the video but here is a general  looks at the exercise 

The back stepping lunge

We could go on all day about the benefits of various single leg activities for people in martial arts.

Scientifically the reverse lunge is referred too as a posterior chain exercise but it’s probably best known among the fitness inclined ladies as a booty builder 🙂


Let’s put looks aside for now and focus on the more “functional benefits of this killer exercise.

In martial arts alone look at the amount of time spent rotating\shifting weight and even being on one leg in Muay thai, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Taekwondo, Karate and Bjj, Judo , Sambo and just about every other combat sport.

single leg training muay thai

That single leg balanance and development of the solid Propieception  pays off in a big way for performance and injury prevention.  So the sooner you get started on these bad boys the better.


The experiment continue in this week’s boxing classes ,will have the addition of these gems added to the Hindu squats and dive bomber push-up sequences that got such rave reviews last week plus a deeper look at the hook as a offensive and defensive tool.

Catch you in a bit