Boxing upset on the way?| Canelo vs Chavez Jr

There is going to be a great display in may with the mega Canelo vs Chavez Jr boxing match.. even if you aren’t hardcore watching the fights or familiar with the two this one is a match not to be missed.

I’m going out on a limb with this pick in saying NOW Chavez makes Canelo look very human and if my crystal ball is correct take a decision in a back and forth war.

My reasoning is size matters in boxing and Canelo isn’t known for the attributes that could minimise the advantage.. most notably he isn’t known for terrific footwork and is more of a plodding boxer with great power and multi level punching combinations.. Given chavez’s size its also questionable how much damage Canelo’s famed body punching will do or if he can even get inside on the giant.. im  pumped for the fight and intrested in what the people think in advance “everyone is right post fight” 🙂


HBO 24-7 does it again with another great promo video

take a look below



What your pick on this one boxing fans?