FREEZE!!! Dont even think of doing another sit-up / crunch till you watch the video below

scientifically proven exercises for a strong core

for whatever reason 90 percent of the core training info out actually results other performance issues so before you do even 1 more sit-up or ab  crunch take a look at the video below by lower back specialist doctor Stuart McGill and think clearly about the damage those exercises cause.

Dr Mcgill is based out of the University of Waterloo & literally wrote the textbook on spinal rehabilitation, has worked with top athletes in the Olympics, powerlifting, BJJ and MMA & is consulted by many leading researchers in the field as an expert on the top of the field.

Long and short the big take away lesson from the video if summarized on a postcard is —> There are much better ways to train your core / abs and all those post-holiday sit-ups / crunches are putting you on the fast track to tight hips, lower back pain and other overuse injuries.

In reality your  core is comprised every muscle that helps stabilize your spine, from your neck down to your butt, front and back, left and right, and internally, So 6 pack abs or not you won’t get the functional core you want doing hundreds of crunches a day and as I said before are far more likely to be setting yourself for a world or pain & dysfunction down the road..

Enjoy 🙂

As Per Doctor McGill’s research, these are the do these four primary go-to exercises you should aim to build on:

  1. Curl up
  2. Side Plank
  3. Bird dog
  4. Stir the pot

All of those are shown in the video above, and you can find many more explanations of each on YouTube.
The first three are what McGill calls “the non-negotiables” because everyone should do them.

if its not a saying already it should be … “Aim to train smarter before working harder”

talk soon