Summer is coming fast so i guess that’s why a day doesn’t go by without someone asking about proper nutrition..

What are the best types of foods to eat for specific types of training?

Why is timing of when you eat a important as what you eat?

The truth about most Protein powders and do I need them?

What should you eat if you want to get fitter but maintain the same weight ?

Do you really have to shop at “WHOLEFOODS” organic section for optimal nutrition?

Are the supplements your taking actually good for me?


How do fighters drop weight so fast ( +18lbs in a week) pre-fight and can anyone do it???….

Now while I do my best to peck away at the questions, the sheer frequency of them has me bringing out one of the most valuable members of my training and performance support team.


Now you are probably asking asking who is this?? And I could knock your socks off with a detailed bio of his credentials, But its better is show and tell you what he’s done for me and will do for you.

Long story short i meet doctor Biondich by chance in the room of Wojtek Kazawski “training partner to the first Canadian ufc  champion, Carlos Newton”. “Voy” as he is Known was getting some pre fight work done and i barged in being the curious type that i am..

Paul was nice enough to give me a quick pre-fight treatment and did it ever work. My arms felt like rocket launchers and i smashed the guy i was competing against with some really fluid movement and heavy punches/elbows finishing the match with a rear naked choke..

After the post fight celebration was done i realised hey that guy “doctor paul” really knows his stuff..   And while it took me a bit to track him down but I have been working with him for the last 3 years for no non-sense guidance on diet/nutrition  ,treatment and supplement related issues ever since..

Now those “good old days” are gone and my secrets is out of the bag with Doctor Biondich officially now stepping out of the shadows and sharing his knowledge with the publich, starting with the team at Elite in a first of its kind FREE seminar covering weight-loss and sport performance nutrition.

Dr Biondich  will be hosting this FREE one time only workshop inside Elite trianing centre.

Saturday march 16th from 12-1pm going over the REAL ins and outs of effective sport nutrition and weight loss/ detox  strategies.

If you have ever had a questions about weight loss, post workout recovery and legal performance enhancing products this is an workshop you can’t afford to miss.


To register please email or See Ritu at front desk.