Mississauga Elite | Spring 2018 update

We’ve had some unbelievable weather the past 3 weeks but its safe to say things are officially now full swing into the spring season.

people are always excited for the spring because it signals change is in the air and this year at the academy is no different.

As always in the summer we take advantage of our location and add road work to the mix for warmups & conditioning drills so we ask you keep running shoe’s on-deck in case you need them.


Get your Custom Elite Gear


Instead of buying a bunch of varied sizes and colours this year we are starting things off right by running a custom sign up sheet so members can get EXACTLY what they want in the precises volume size and colour.

Men’s and Women’s cut with the option of,

Black , White, Grey or Military Green

Take a look at a few of the styles below

Thoughts on this muay thai schedule change?

Ive always envisions a the academy more of a martial arts facility that GYM so giving each class the respect of the room to itself during the time slot was a must but NOW given the growth on all fronts its getting a lot trickier





Members opinions on these sort of things is very important so we wanted to run a quick survey to see how you felt about back to back classes for the muay thai schedule vs the current early class + late class setup

Here’s the Survey please let us know what works best for you