Conditioning Room is done & New Beginners Intro Classes aka”Elite Version 2.0″ Starts October 26th

Ok we are finally done and Elite Training Centre version 2.0 is under way starting Monday October 26th. Having travelled around the world for training camps, I have been lucky enough to get a first hand view of what leaders in the industry of martial arts and fitness were doing for their clients and at the same time lucky enough to have the time to resonate on how we could best apply those changes to make an even better formula here at Elite.   We have been working on these additions to the facility for some time, so rushing it wasn’t an option and we are now ready to go. Visually you will notice:

  • Kettle-bells
  • New air dyne resistance bikes
  • New concept 2 rowing machines
  • Various weight dumbbells
  • Extended chin up bars of various heights
  • TRX station attachments

Olympic lifting platforms with Fresh new Barbells & Bumper plates,  so you can relax and not worry about saving your back on big lifts.:)

All top notch gear but nothing you couldn’t hypothetically find at your local “Gym in a box”

All top notch gear but as usual what sets us apart from the pack is the structure and presentation you will get on the training protocols.

mississauga elite kettlebells


air-dyne bike

rowing is awesome low impact full body fitness

The Huge Difference a bit of “Detail” makes

Point blank… We all have the friend that is head over heels in love with some form of cross training or HITT circuit training and maybe even lost some weight and saw quick performance results. Even going so far as to brag about the puke buckets many of the gym have for trainees that take things too far  “ me I’ll never understand the appeal of working out until you vommit maybe thats just me :)” puke-bucket-really The puke bucket thing is more than a bit weird to me but hey its a relatively free world people can do as they like, but the dirty secret behind all this is the injury rate that goes along with these extreme workouts. training injury if not carefull Much like martial arts, Complex training calls for you to build a solid base before jumping and trying to throw a high percentage of your body weight up and over your head repeatedly. It was amazing how many people I meet sharing their war stories at the doctor’s office during my rehab for the last knee surgery…  I was like ok me I’m a UFC fighter and training every day as a profession but why are there so many everyday normal people in here with crazy injuries and overuse trauma?? The 2 part answer to this million dollar question answer is:

  • Poor programming = wrong exercise
  • Lack of scalability  = Being done too soon or at the wrong amount

Not trying to tell anyone how to train but  if you haven’t done a push up since high school then you may want to build a solid fitness base before trying to jump on the gymnastic rings or do burpees until you need to vomit.

The Fix is in…

Our new dynamic athletic development program takes the right steps in delivering fitness results 1-Assessing your current fitness level in your Quick start session so 2- Enjoy Looking, Moving and Feeling better in your 2nd phase as we optimize your performance with a mobility and base strength phase of GPP (general physical preparation) building a solid base for your future training 3- With a solid base in place and a working knowledge of the fundamentals you are ready to start your personalized training plan and hopefully skip that trip to the doctor’s office. large 1 For those of you short on time we haven’t left you out of the mix and have specific Kettlebell, Trx and Interval training session on the schedule that you can pop in for a workout before or after class.

The first session is Monday 7pm with a group interval training session.

Come to class and see what all the buzz is about we start 7pm sharp and the session should run approx 45-50 mins mixing in a bit of everything for a good intro to some of the new tools we have added to the facility in the Last few weeks + some very important lessons on the “hip hinge” motion used in everything from deadlifting to kb swings

See you soon

Thanks Coach