With growth comes change, and with a fixed amount of space & time to work with we’ve had to as a staff come to a decision in regards to academy layout and prioritize more of members are looking for.



Not Seeing Much of a Slow Down

It is Currently the end of summer, traditionally one of the slowest times of the year in terms of student attendance  but we are still seeing classes especially the boxing and Muay Thai that could use a lot more space, So we’ve made the call to shift around the weights and remove the turf  in the back room to extend the tatami mats & more than double the available mat space in the training area.

*** Note*** those of your worried about the fitness sessions can relax the Trifecta and Budokon yoga sessions are going great and this wont change things there much as the only thing being removed is the turf  & you’ll actually have more space to train in when its all said and done.

budokon yoga and movement arts touch down at elite starting this thursday

Just the the first of many great improvements program wise you’ll see over the next few week.

Some of which include …

  • New Youth striking classes (4-14)
  • New Adults Core Jiu-Jitsu program classes
  • Coach Puric returns to the octagon September 2019
  • buakaw-muay-mississauga

Daniel Hale joins the Elite BJJ coaching Staff ,One of the nations best and accredited coaches this is a major boost to the competion side if our program more details on the way but below is a video for a sneak peak

Thanks for the continued support and see you soon