5 nutritional supplements you dont want to train without.

New to training martial arts or not i’m sure you’ve heard the same I have about the new miracle supplement/food/pill that will guarantee you

Lose 20lbs in 5 days or less!!!!
Boost you power in the weightroom by 200 percent in less than 30 days!!!!!
Give you that clean rush of energy with no crash to push through challenging workouts with a stronger mental focus
The good news is .. the advertising and sales guys are still creative as ever… the bad news is most of the stuff DOES NOT WORK… or even worse is Deadly to you.
The Curse-Energy booster

I’d pass on the benefits listed if it left me looking like the guy on the bottle 🙂 but hey thats just me..

This puts us in a tricky situation.. clearly living life on the go makes it difficuly to get all the nutrients we should from our foods so supplements are a big help.. but which ones????
Curious about the answer myself I took the question to the guys who guide the nutrition and physical treatment portion of my mixed martial arts career.

Dr Paul Biondich of  www.dixiehealth.ca and

Dan “the paper tiger” Gallucci of www.ismsportsmedicine.com

“More on how later, but its safe to say both these guys have saved the day for me on multiple occasions”

Today.. Daniel gives us a no nonsense  top 5 nutritional supplements list you can use to push you athletic performance and recovery to the next level………..

1. ADRENAL SUPPORT: The adrenals are those two little glands that look like hats sitting on top of the kidneys. Due to the volume and intensity of MMA training your adrenal glands are required to produce certain hormones to help you deal with this stress. People with adrenal fatigue may suffer from low energy levels, a weakened immune system, lack of exercise intensity, difficulty sleeping, poor metabolic function and a host of other issues. First thing you need to do, lower your intake of refined and processed sugars as this will continue to stress you adrenals. The next thing you need to do, purchase a high quality adrenal support product that will keep you healthy and training hard. I like Dr. James Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder.

2. BRANCHED CHAIN AMINO ACIDS (BCAA’s): There are two main reasons I like my athletes using BCAA’s: a) Research has shown that BCAA’s can reduce the amount of muscle soreness and catabolism (muscle breakdown). b) Research has also shown that BCAA’s can increase testosterone and decrease cortisol. Once those adrenals start shooting cortisol through the roof, your testosterone will drop, estrogen will spike and you’ll be crying while watching The Notebook with your girlfriend.

3. GLUTAMINE:  Glutamine is a non- essential amino acid that athletes have been using for years. Due to the progressive (and ridiculous) nature of the supplement industry, glutamine sometimes loses its appeal in favour of the newest Nitric Oxide delivery system or anything else that promises a 6000% increase in muscle mass.  Keep your glutamine close by; it is hugely important for protein synthesis and the role that nitrogen plays in the anabolic process. Basically, it helps put your tissue back together again.  Sounds like a good idea to me.

4. FISH OIL: This one is a given. Research has shown that fish oil can improve brain function, widen you arteries and reduce blood pressure. I know what you’re going to say, “Who gives a shit about all that health stuff!” Well it also helps you remove stored body fat, prevents you from storing excess fat, and helps you build muscle. Yes, fish oil is anabolic and can help you build the muscle tissue needed to handle the daily rigours of training.

5. CALCIUM/MAGNESIUM WITH D:  This is what needs to be taken before bed at night. Minerals help provide the framework for many of the chemical reactions that take place in our bodies. Calcium/Magnesium with Vitamin D will help calm down the muscular and nervous systems to allow for all the recovery work that needs to be done while sleeping.
And 1 more honourable mention… you cant forget those GREENS

6- Can’t forget a quality greens powder but this is a must have. For everything from additional macro-nutrients to helping alkalize our highly acid forming diets. A quality greens product will help set your straight…. and while not a product placement I am big fan of the Isagenix greens, Progressive and also Greens vibrance products.

 It goes without saying eating whole fruits and veggies is always the first pick but in todays day and age its tough for everyone to pound back that salad 1 min before the afteroon staff meeting at work so greens powders are a great substitute

Chlorella and Spirulina

Train hard, Train smart