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Tabata Intervals

MMA trainings most popular conditioning system
Tabata training is the latest workout trend that’s sweeping gyms everywhere, it’s not exactly a brand new concept. In fact, it originated in     from the exercise research of Dr. Izumi Tabata. Dr. Tabata used a very specific method of interval training for his 1996 study published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. In the study, he had cyclists perform 20 seconds of all-out effort followed by 10 seconds of rest.Boxers and muay thai members note the work to rest ratio is pretty close to your

3 mins work 1 min rest ratio in training which helps explain the weight loss results


The participants did seven to eight sets of the work-rest intervals, equaling just about 4 minutes of actual workout time. The results were so striking that this type of training was named after the good Doctor, and today goes by the name “Tabata Protocol”

Subjects did Tabata training five days a week for six weeks (a total of 120 minutes of exercise over the month and a half) improved both their aerobic and anaerobic endurance. 
In fact, subject’s anaerobic fitness increased by a whopping 28%.On the other side of the coin the standard cardio group exercised the same number of days, but for a full hour per session (for a total of 1,800 minutes over the study period).

1800 minutes work cut down to just 120 minutes!!!

I know it sounds good but don’t jump right in
30 seconds intense work followed by only 10 seconds rest is not easy 🙂
I always advice people build up to it slowly to get the best resultsHere is the first part of the interval program I do when its time to shape up in a hurry

Given its done after technical training i only do them 3-4 times per week Maximum

Base program
10 seconds on 10 seconds off 8 times with 1 min break  between sets 3X
15 seconds on 10 seconds off 8 times with  50 seconds break between sets 3x
20 seconds on 10 seconds off 8 times with 45 seconds break between sets 3X

You can hit the intervals with any exercise like running, jumping, burpees
hitting pads  my personal  “favorite”, the airdyne bike.

mississauga elite airdyneAn absolute killer, this little monster resist in proportion to how hard you push so there is
no coasting possible.. Gets awesome results.