Mississauga BJJ | No Gi classes make their return

After some very slacker post tournament attendance in the No Gi  BJJ classes I decided to try a little experiment.. What if I stopped coming to classes too???? High unconventional yes i admit, but but it  seemed only right.   If the students felt the mission was complete as a result of  the cleaning up a few local tourneys  then I had clearly missed something, and had to find out what this whole skipping training thing was all about.

This whole phenomenon struck me as very strange from the beginning as i can I still clearly  remember a time in the not so distant past you could barely find a person on the mats who wanted to train gi  “sometimes you’d get lucky and you could talk them into wearing at-least the Gi top”. flash forward to 2014 and we now have a complete role reversal is in full effect with gi classes in just about every academy i know being significantly more popular than no gi.

This is is something I completely understand. I mean if you are not a fighter why not focus on your passion, Gi is a great training tool and teaches you to be mentally flexible +If you have good Jiu-jitsu you should be able to use it in a gi or without one or even in a winter jacket for that matter.

the ladies workign the fine points of BJJ armlock escapes

My mind was set I wasn’t going to be the only consistent attendant of the no gi bjj classes so i cancelled them all for an unstated amount of time.

A month passes and with with ZERO No GI BJJ classes being taught something incredible has taken place, attendance is back up and even better the smart students are making good use of the time to drill and rep techniques that work when you really need them.

It was never my intention to permanently drop the class but seeing as the group has been training well on their own i decided against jumping in too fast but CLASS is BACK

No Gi BJJ / Submission Wrestling returns Monday & Wednesday 7pm – 8pm

see you on the mat.

watch and learn