The future of Mississauga Health & Fitness is here

Over the last few years training and competing at a high level in the UFC and mixed martial arts in general, i’ve been fortunate enough to establish and develop solid relationships with cutting edge trainers and treatment staff.




“here on the right you have the mad scientist D.Galluci post fight at UFC 120”

Getting the REAL inside scoop on the treatments, therapies and exercises that actually work in helping you avoid injury and look / perform better is just one more of the feathers in proverbial cap that we put to use in structuring the classes and programs at elite and keep us well ahead of the pack.

so while some are advocating training tools that while they look cool DO NOT HELP 🙂


We are taking it to the next level.. here is quick look at this preview of the upcoming e-book ill be releasing to help everyone.

And I do mean “everyone” so that includes BJJ , Muay thai & Martial artists with those over developed muscles in tough to stretch locations, to Fitness enthusiast looking to finally get that full range of motion traditional stretching just hasn’t given them and quite possibly most important those less active people suffering from hip/back strains they think are related to their field of work or “Old age”  when really its another case entirely.

a preview of the upcoming fascial stretching ebook


Simply put… This one is going to be GAMECHANGER.

More info on the release in the coming weeks but I figured i would drop this easy to do stretch that everyone can benefit from in just a few minutes per week

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A little riddle for you to think about… if a muscle is 20 cm long and you practice stretching it every day how long will it take for that muscle to elongate to say 21 cm???  think on it and be prepared for a revolutionary answer.