Mississauga Elite MMA & Fitness A different look at the new years Fitness resolutions

The amazing thing with the body transformations you see in the members at the academy is that they’re not really intentional.

I mean people come in with the goal of getting in shape, you see that all the time, especially right after New Years.

Lots of people have got a new resolution to lose weight and get in better shape. Unfortunately, that system at large is designed to fail for the most people,

As someone looking to train you go to these big gyms, what I like to call the gym in the box”, premier fitness, extreme fitness, etc., you sign up, get your personal trainer, go and do a couple workouts and lose motivation, you fall off again until the next year while paying said trainer all the time even when you aren’t going.

For some of the budget minded, you go in, get a regular membership, do your own thing for about 3 weeks and the gym again is a ghost town by the time March hits 🙂

There is a much better alternative

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Instead what we do with the classes at our Mississauga martial arts and fitness academy, especially the striking classes is engage you mentally with new skills.

You are training something new every time you come in or you are building on what you already have and that changes the game a lot because you are building skills and learning something which is actually engaging. You are engaged there, you are not just going through the motions, running on the hamster wheel, aka “the treadmill, aimlessly to nowhere.

You are getting results without forcing the issue and that is the magic bullet.

an honest look at gyms before and after new years

When you are in there training your technique or building towards your first level test, mastering that kick, that punch, how to slip punches, offence, defense, all the skills you need for effective striking, you are burning through calories like crazy but not even thinking about it.

There is no boredom  or watching the clock wondering when it will be over..That is why so many people end up 20-30-40 pounds lighter in a short period of time doing the Muay Thai , boxing and MMA training.

Now I have to be honest in saying that it is not as fast as a crash diet, yeah absolutely if I had to lose 10 pounds for a wedding I would probably go on a crash diet and I know how to do those too but that is not really the goal here, we are talking about a sustainable life change and the beauty of it is in addition to the sustainable change of your lifestyle making things better.

Training in our mma and fitness sytems you are also learning a great new skill so it’s a win-win situation when you approach training the smart way with what we are offering in terms of the Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA training.

The alternative is just continuing the same old consumerist style of every year a new fitness resolution and getting the same result, Very little to None.

If you really think about it, if these gyms had 20% of their membership base actively training they wouldn’t be able to even hold half of them.

They bet on you not going & most people do just that because traditional fitness workouts don’t deliver the results you want.. its a broken system 

Here’s the MMA & FITNESS Fix

I am inviting you guys to make a change and I’m talking about a serious change for the better by actually trying something this year that will change your life. We don’t usually do those before and after photo shoots just because it is almost a given that you are going to get in better shape coming in training and doing the classes.

Going forward what I’m going to start doing is taking the camera and saying, here look, Charles, Tammy, you are coming into train, your objective is to lose weight and build new skills. Lets get a picture of you now and take another one in three months and show you guys what type of change you are looking at, what type of change members of Elite have been enjoying in the past and what you can look forward to as a member here at the academy in any of our programs. That is Step 1. I’m going to start doing that but in the meantime you can take a look some of the previous success stories we have in the classes below.

Mississaugaelite-adam-transformation (1)








A solid plan going forward

What I want to do is invite you in for the New members Intro program, the head start program, start from scratch.
At This time of year with so many new members coming in and throwing you to the sharks doesn’t make any sense.
Instead of having everybody in a big room training together we have both training spaces and we are dividing the classes giving new people a chance to get their basics together, all the fundamentals, and condition themselves before going into the general stream class.

It is also really important, to not go from 0 to 100 in terms of starting anything new, jumping in headfirst doesn’t usually work out and we are going to do it a bit smarter.

So come on in, it is one week free to check everything out, you may even come in and decide you like one of the other classes better, you come in for Boxing, you try Kickboxing and you fall in love with that, we don’t charge more for the ability to cross train. But at the same time making sure you know exactly what you want to do. We show you where we can help you and you have a good understanding of exactly what each program entails, it makes things a lot better.

So lets get that started, fill out that contact form box on the right sidebar of the page or text us at 416-910-6175 and someone will be in touch with you within the next 12 hours.

From there things are only looking up, talk to you soon, have a great start to 2018