Mississauga martial arts | Its all in the details

I think it was in boxing class last week where i told you guys about the fight i was in and threw a really poor left hook at my opponent “in this case Mr Macgrath, a tough judo guy who made me pay for the error”..

The punch was in fact  so wide i missed the guy and ended up with my back facing him!!!! 

Not  a good situation to be in at all, and even crazier than that things got quickly worse in a hurry  as he helped me highlight the importance of  my second topic of focus last week “learning how to fall safely”. 

Break-fall’s are a great skill to have for anyone involved in martial arts and have saved my skin on more than 1 occasion, this case for sure just knowing how to tuck and absorb the impact saved the day.

First check out the video which i managed to dig out of the archives, then lets get into the details.



Time stamp of the important action.

:30sec – :40  sec mark  – my FIRST & LAST half hearted attempt at a flying knee ..

Pretty self explanatory, a jumping knee is like any other move in a match “if your going to do it don’t hold back & really jump!!! here is dunno seems i was thinking more about what if i miss.

:50 sec – 1 min mark  – For the Grappling and Mixed martial arts  fans 

Here is some very good open guard work with butterfly guard to x-guard sweep i stoop up with after the take-down. I used the butterfly guard to attack his ears make space and setup the sweep without taking any damage. always a good thing.

1:30 – 1:40 – The hook that cost me a big time

In class the coaches always harp on holding the Thai pads and focus mitts correctly and this is why. If you get accustomed to striking wide left and wide right, when its time to hit something odds are you will miss the middle “which btw is the real target”.

 In this case i missed it so nicely that I ended up facing the same direction as my opponent as got punished for it shortly after with a throw i don’t wish on any of you 🙂 in boxing and Muay the key  when working pads is to give a realistic target by holding pads on the proper angle and giving just enough movement that the training stay reactive.


Still have to go practice so no time to film a video demonstrating the pad holding but here is a random mixed martial arts guy i found online going over the same details more or less.



this isn’t the whole fight but i wound up cutting him with a big elbow and finishing the fight via choke in the 3rd round so all’s well that ends well.

 see you on the mats and remember try to strike to your centre point…:)