Hey everyone..

 Been super busy with the new year and various events that go along with it but this apst week has had me laughing so hard I had to post and update the reads about things..

First, on a serious note I am away this weekend at the inaugural  amateur fighting series (AFS )in London Ontario with some athlete’s I have been helping prepare for the event.  There is some really spectacular news on the muay thai and MMA scene for amateur competitors that I will be putting out next week.


While im not one for hyping things up or exaggeration .. this is REALLY the BIGGEST DEAL  in Amateur Ontario MMA & MUAY THAI EVER…

stay tuned for details


Ok so now to my public service announcement 

This has been going on for about 2 weeks now so I apologize if I mix up any of the points or small details. Still if you own a gym , teach classes or know anyone that does you must pay attention this one

Ok so its Monday morning I just finished doing some early morning web work with some consulting clients and was taking the time to marvel at new titanium cookware set I got over the weekend. “ the things incredible, nothing sticks to it and its far more healthy than Teflon and the rest of that junk.. very expensive $1400 for the set but well worth it”

Anyways so yes my text alert goes off on the phone “424 area code mind you”

Me- hello

mike-Yes sir i’m looking for someone to teach my 4 kids private lessons 3 times a week for the month.

 Me- ok tell me more about what you specifically are looking for

mike- a little about me first, im deaf and in the hospital so this convo will only be taking place over text

Me-ok hope all is well text is fine

Mike – Ok so 3X a week muay thai and fitness training,they will be in town jan 27th for 1 month and I need to register right away

Me- ok 4 people 1 hour small l group session $120, I should be able to get a trainer for you to fit your sschedule butI personally am busy and cant take on any new training clients right now

 Mike – I really wanted you but ok whats the total for the month

Me= lets say 1440 + tax

Them – ok  there names are mike Sarah, Steve and Ashley ages 18-23,can I give you my credit card #???

At this time alarm bells are ringing in my head, I know especially at this time of year people are eager to start personal training but who is trying to drop all that money after not getting the trainer they wanted, and having never spoken to me in person YET still ready to text over the credit card #???



Most importantly remember, I was cooking. So I say mike i’m going to have to call you back.

Mike- No !! what you are too busy for me??

Me- Haha  Is this guy crazy I have no time for this and don’t want to ruin these eggs.. I put the phone down and forget abut him for a bit leaving ti at home.. I return and have like 15 messages in sheer desperation trying to give me this credit card #???

Now ive done a few mma training camps out in southern California,not in that area code but its totally possible it was a buddy trying to prank me and something just didn’t feel right.

Day after day Mike keeps calling for these sessions, so i’m thinking ok why not hook him up with another coach from the gym and everyone happy.


Me-Ok mike sorry or the delay im ready now to process the payment..

Mike- k I just need 1 favour as im sick and in hospital in cant come there but need you to pay their driver for me so charge me 4000 take the 1700 and pay the driver the remainder …..RED FLAG

I don’t know every scam but I  do know a lot of scams, and this got weirder by the minute.

Me- No mike just pay them yourself I don’t want to get into any 3rd party business

Mike – FURIOUS at this point… Im sick why won’t you help me the kids need it!! HELP me!!

Now im feeling bad the poor guys in the hospital and want to get his children some training.. but ti just didn’t add up so I told a few people and they came up with this


pretty good one and he really played the part well. Not that I fully understand how the scams works with a credit card but I called him on it and he’s seeming on to the next victim..


Anyhow gym owners watch out for




Any idea how this scam would actually work?? If the cards fake why would it be accepted by the credit card terminal??