Mississauga Muay Thai upgrade

As an academy we are most known for the  jiu-jitsu program but thats not to say we put any less focus into the other arts offered here. Whenever there is a chance to upgrade the offering we are always working to get it done so  Simply put you are going to love what we have happening with the Muay Thai kickboxing program @ Elite.

Whether you are training for fitness, mastery of the art or competition the new additions to  the scheudle and coaching staff have re-energized the programin a big way.

Introducing Coach Aaron Mangallon


Far from your every day local coach Aaron is direct students of the legendary Kru Chanchai sor Tamarangsri has +10 years of Muay Thai experience  and is a 2x title winner of the prestigious TBA Champion.

Focussed on teaching a complete brand of Muay Thai you can be sure you’ll be able to get what you are looking for from the training no matter what your focus or experience level.


An accomplished competitor and coach in his own right I cant speak to highly enough of the workout & technique shared in these classes and the attendance in the session says a lot by it self so we’ve also added additional classes to meet the demand.



If you’ve been thinking about getting started in Muay Thai or cross training the time is NOW…. This addition to the staff adds new training time options, We are still hashing out the exact details but as of now the expanded class schedule looks like this.

Updated Schedule

Monday @7pm 
Wednesday @ 7pm
Friday  @6pm
Sunday @ 12pm

See you in a bit
Coach Patrick