MMA ‘s worst stoppage @ UFC Fight Night’s Dec 2nd

Last night, UFC and mixed martial arts fans experienced something shocking. The event, otherwise excellent was overshadowed by what I think is the worst stoppage in the sport’s history.

As fans and followers of combat sports, we know things happen and someone might get hurt. But, the referee’s job is to keep these accidents minimal and protect the fighters from themselves if they dont want to tap or throw in the towel.

This Saturday night, it seemed like the Ref was asleep on the job

It’s a shocker to say the least if haven’t seen it you can check it out here….

It’s a fight so of course there are no 100 percent set rules that can never be broken BUT in general, in combat sports you are generally well served by keeping your hands in a place they can protect your head. Bobby Green’s made a career ouf of fighting with his guard and hands DOWN and its worked great… until it didn’t

bobby green fight stance


Despite how bad the  fights stoppage was,  If you take the time to think about it . we are reminded that MMA and combat sports cant be played and are far from a game.
Even in a mess like this, we can learn something important. The big lesson and million dollar takeaway here is that solid “Foundational skills that make up the basics” are very important.

Gifted talent athletes often get away with not following the general rules but not having these basics can lead to a bad time against a well-trained opponent more fundamentally sound.

For example in sports like boxing and Muay Thai kickboxing keeping your guard up is crucial. A clean to the chin  or body can knock you out fast so while there is a time for everything in general most athlete’s and coached advocate following the playbook but at the same time if you look at many of the all time bests they make a career out of breaking the rules.

The Downfall of Boxing’s Roy Jones Jr.


Roy Jones Jr.’s career is a great example of why basics are so important. He was amazing in boxing because of his speed and natural skills. But as he got older and moved down a weight class after winning the heavyweight title, his abilities started to fade.

After a very close fight with Antonio Tarver he suffered a huge knockout in the rematch

Jones was literally untouchable but relied on his quick reactions, but when they slowed, he was suddenly very vulnerable.



Father time is undefeated, and even the best athletes cannot rely on natural ability forever, so again, as a MMA, boxer, Muay thai or any other combat sports athlete, you are far better served to operate with solid foundations as the base of your skill set.